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Crocodiles Nightclub
Crocodiles Nightclub Just the best music from the past 60 years.

1745 Prescott Rd. • Modesto, CA • 95350

(209) 544-1962

The party that started 45 years ago...

The History of Crocodiles Nightclub

Crocodiles Nightclub Logo

Jack Phillips, founder of Crocodiles Nightclub, opened his first nightclub in Turlock California in 1976–The Sports Page Discotheque. After two very successful years, Phillips opened The Sports Page II in Modesto at 1745 Prescott Rd.

Phillips remained in that same location in Modesto, but over the years changed the name and the music format four times to cater to a particular clientele. The Sports Page featured disco music, which was the rage at the time. Succeeding The Sports Page was The Rock Shop, The Pavilion, and finally Crocodiles. Despite the names and formats, dancing has remained the club’s forté.

The club has been Crocodiles since 1991, and offers what Phillips described as “the biggest variety of the best dance music from the past 60 years.” Crocodiles disc jockeys play a huge variety of music, including Oldies, Rock, Disco, Dance, Country, and (something that seems to be harder and harder to find in nightclubs) Slow Romantic Love Ballads. Because Crocodiles offers such a big variety of good dance music, we attract an older crowd that primarily ranges from 25 – 70.

According to Phillips, “We have always been one of the largest nightclubs in all of California with one of the largest dance floors, thus we have always attracted dance aficionados from throughout Northern California. Since first opening, we estimate the club has attracted approximately 2 million customers. We are now enjoying second generation customers. We have customers whose mothers and fathers met at the club.”


Crocodiles Nightclub | 1745 Prescott Rd. | Modesto, CA 95350 | (209)544-1962

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